Friday, June 19, 2009

Stupid Phone Call..

Friday, June 19, 2009 0
This morning around 5am. I got this phone call. Shit damn it that women. She disturbing my dream. A nice and sweet dream with my love one. So stupid that women. I'm so so angry. Arghhh.. If my love one call me, i won't be mad like this. Let me tell you why i'm so angry.

Kringggg.. Kringggg...

Andy : Hellooo..

Stupid Women: Hellooo..

Andy : Yaa..

Stupid Women : Cam ada??

Andy : Haaa?? Cam?? Sapa Cam??

Stupid Women : Camillia..

Andy : Wrong Number.. Salah number tok..

Stupid Women : .......... tuttttttt...

Andy : Damn you, stupid you...

That women just hung up like that.. At least says sorry. I woke up early just to pick up that phone call.. Really pissed me off.. At that time, i'm having a nice dream.. sighh.. Bodoh betul..

BaD MooD!!!!!

Suddenly i'm not in mood. Don't know la.. what the hell..

feel wanna eat someone..

bite someone heh..