Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Sick..

Thursday, June 18, 2009 0
I'm sick of everything.. Hate living in this house.. Hope my dad buy a new one.. I'm not moving and live with them anymore.. Better for me live alone than everyday been lecture.. My ear turn to deaf if this continues.. I'm sick with all this.. Faking i'm happy.. I tried my best to solve this problem but it never end.. The best way is moving away from them or them moving away from me.. He said wanna build a house near beach.. Then, go ahead.. No objection from me.. Better away than near me.. If this won't happen, fine, i look for my self.. If i could, far away enough.. Don't be so dependable towards me.. I sick doing everything he says.. It still not right in his eye.. Let others do that thing for you.. I just want to be happy with her.. Nothing more important than she being with me.. One day, i will be gone.. So, at that time, dont miss me.. Someday, i hope you stop doing this to me.. I'm your son after all.. And you are my dad..


I don't know where to begin with. What the meaning of love. It's just a talk or a word or really have a meaning inside our heart. For me, when i says i love you. I really mean what i says. Love is not a joke to play around. Love came from deep our heart. I don't know what else i gonna to say. I wish i know what the meaning of love inside your heart. She said i'm so special deep inside her heart. I know she love me. I know she afraid to be in love again. I know she afraid gonna hurt me and herself. I know what she been thinking lately. I believed we both just too afraid to admit and talk about this. I'm so afraid i gonna lose her. I love her so much. I can't breathing without her. I been thinking about this. I know and very sure i'm not wrong falling in love with. This feeling came deep inside me. I missing her so much. Everyday i waits for her. I don't care what others say. I found happiness inside her .She is the best ever precious came to my life. Let say it a miracle that God send to me. She is not a bad girl. I mean it. I look through inside her heart. She paint my life with wonderful colour. Before this my heart so black, now slowly it change to other colours. Now i know how to thank to God for giving me a precious person ever. I can't losing her. Someday, i know we both will get through all this and we both will happily ever after. I can think one solution for all of this, let we both be brave and facing all the matters together. Lets start a new day without worrying and thinking to much. Now, we both become one. We both will get through all of this. I will not run away from you. That all i wanna to say. One more thing, for others out there. Don't judge others because of something that happen to you. Don't blame others. Got problem, face it and fixed it. It's all about how you manage and solve the problem.

Wonderful Night..

Thanx dear for giving me a wonderful night. I love you so much dear. Thanx to God because sending me a beautiful and cute angel. You are really a angel to me. Miss you so much dear. I'm so happy being with you. You are my sunshine. Let me be your last love in the whole world. I will be with you for the rest of my life. God bless us.