Friday, July 3, 2009

How To Smile?

Friday, July 3, 2009 0
Wondering my post title How To Smile?.. U wanna know.. Coz i cant smile.. hell yeah.. lately my mood unstable at all but i know how to control it anyway.. like usually, fake smile n happy is what im good at.. keep all my sadness by myself.. dont know where to let it out huh.. talking to myself again.. advice myself.. keep smile n walk forward.. how hard my path is, just keep walk n till the end of the road.. life is unpredictable.. sometime u are at the top, sometime u are at the bottom.. sometime i do jealous looks at others people smile.. but think again, are they faking their smile like me or honestly smile.. i really dont know.. what life it mean anyway.. i still looking for the answer.. maybe the answer is dead.. i feel i being fooling around by people around me.. penat sudah aku berpura2.. aku cuma melakonkan watak aku dlm hidup di dunia ini.. matikan saja watak aku.. itu la paling aku mahu skrg..