Friday, July 17, 2009

Important thing..

Friday, July 17, 2009 0
I have been thinking about people around me, my life and how it goes. Tell the truth. Now i'm just realize how important is to appreciate my day, my life and people around me. Even thou my life suck sometime and really miserable due to my style of living. Lately it become more clear, it opened my eyes and change my perception for another point of view. It's doesn't matter how bad or good you are, how rich or poor you are, employed or unemployed you are and what kind of life style you really into. What did i mention just now, doesn't mean you can hangout around and don't care what happen around you. It does matter and we got to know. I tell you why and what i know from my point of view.

Ask yourself What is happening around you and do you care what is happening around you? Are you happy with it? This question related to yourself and how we appreciate what happening around us. I'm asking myself this question and think about it and look for the answer. After a while, i realize what i been missing in me. It's enjoyment and appreciate what happening in my life. It's doesn't matter if my life is happy or miserable, as long i'm happy with myself and appreciate every moment of my life is. This is what supposed i do.

This is Life. It's full of happiness and sadness, it depend how we take good care of our life. The most important thing is appreciate people around us especially the loved one and the family.Do always make priority for someone who we really care of. If you got a lot of work, lay back a lil bit and spend time with them even for a while. Make sure you know how to divide your time with your loved one. Sometime, when we lost someone, then we realize how important that person to us. So, do appreciate people around you.

Even thou bad things happen, we must accept what happen and follow the flow of our life. Look forward and walk with your head up. We can't change what did happen and we must live with what we got. If bad things happen, good thing will come with it too. God knows what good and bad for us. But the choice of our life still in our hand. The end of it, we must appreciate of our life and it's doesn't matter how your life is going on. Be happy and thankful for what you got. Keep the faith. Don't regret what you have done or your decision you take. Sometime, how hard you path is, there always be better life and the good thing is we learn something. Just keep walk till the end. There always be a sunshine after the rain. The important thing is, be yourself, appreciate and enjoy every moment of your life till the end of your life. Says love to your loved one today because tomorrow we never know if we alive to breath.