Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take Me To Place With No Name

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 0
Yup.. that what im saying.. take me to place with no name.. my life kinda suck.. full of tense.. i wanna rest my soul n my brain for the rest of my life.. i wanna go to place that no one know me, no one can find me and it very far from city. As long i cant be found.. I bet no one will look for me.. hahaha.. 1st of all, i must get some money.. after that, i be gone and i wont come back if i found a place that give me peacefull mind.. maybe i will stay there n work there.. i dont care what work i will do as long im happy.. i looking for my own paradise.. about the other thing, i will think about it after i got a lot sum of money.. starting now, i gonna save my money.. im not gonna spend for something useless anymore.. hahaha..

It's all about the negative and positive..

What the hell im talkin about.. This blog gettin more serious matter.. Geez.. What i doing here again.. Forgot my main reason actually.. Well, this is me after all.. I read all my post and what a such an idiots.. This is kinda suck.. So lame.. Wish i dont know how to do this blog.. actually i got plenty of blog but i dont remember my id and my blog name.. i didnt save it b4 this.. maybe have been delete.. unlike this blog, i keep it and save it.. after all, i used this mail n i can remember it.. Now i dont care with everything i have except one things.. im so tired lol.. im gettin tension everyday.. none of it make me happy except one thing.. Well, i gettin used of it.. so, i just keep think positive and live on.. negative is all the time but negative plus negative it become positive.. what the hell.. i will continue this blog after all.. i dont care what the hell u all are saying.. go to hell.. ahaks.. peace...