Friday, August 14, 2009

I hate you so much...

Friday, August 14, 2009 0
Im trying not to hate you but i cant..
Even thou ure saying sorry so many time, but i still cant forgive u what u have done to me.. sighh..
this feeling really sucks.. im trying to be nice but i cant..
i cant faking that im ok with u.. stop all this nonsense..
u really hurting me..
how i supposed to forgive u.. to me, it all over.. just dont appear in my life anymore..
i hate u so much.. but i feel bad for what happened to u..
just live for ur own sake n look forward.. u have ur own life now..
i cant help u anyway..
i already gave u so many chance before but u really spoils it.
u dont know how to appreciate the people around u who love u..
when u lost it, u cant so easily get it back..
it just like a field full with flower..
u looking n searching for the most beautiful flower ever without turning back..
u found one but u think maybe a lot beautiful than this..
but in the end, u reach at the end of the field..
nothing in ur hand but u cant turn back to look it again..
this is life..
same as ur love one..
if u dont know how to appreciate it, u will losing it..
the chance come once in a life time..
u will know who the most care n love u..
Appreciate it n take good care of it..
pay attention to someone u love..
Do CARE other feeling..
LOVE is not just a word..
It really come from sincerely heart..
Im done with all this feeling..