Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Title For This Post..

Thursday, July 2, 2009 0
Eloww.. Im back.. Nak luahkan apa yang aku rasa.. Aku sedih.. Entah apa yang aku buat sebelum ini masih belum cukup menyakinkan kah.. Selalu buat aku tertanya2.. Apakah dia menyintai aku dengan ikhlas.. Aku menyintai dia seolah2 hari ini hari terakhir aku hidup dan bersama dia.. Do i look unmatured towards her.. Judge me by its cover??.. I do talks weird thing but one reason i doing that is to make her smile.. I can be serious too.. All she needs is tell me and i can be serious.. I ask and told to my self, do i make her sad, i promise make her happy, i accept who she really are.. I do love her so much.. Cant she see what im been doing and how i talks to her.. Hmm..

Am i not good enough for her.. Sometimes, she make me laugh when i being serious. Its make me sad.. Is she cant smile with me?, im not good enough to make her cheer up.. Am i just a good listener after all, not good enough to advice others people.. But my frens says otherwise.. I really dont know.. Sighh.. How i dont worried if i know she is sick and have a lot of works to do.. If i could, i take her place and do all the works.. I know she can take care of herself but seeing and knows she sick and got a lot works to do is differents way point of view, how im not worried..

Live in reality life.. Im live in reality life.. Cant i have my own impian dan angan2. Impian dan angan2 membangkitkan semangat dan menjadikan seseorang tersebut berusaha dan mencapai sasaran. Impian dan angan2 bersama mu.. Have my own company, my own house, my own car, take care of u, live happily ever after.. Reality is hard to achieve but as long we didnt give up, we will achieve if someday.. Its a matter of time and experience of our live.. Its bring us looks forward and walking forward bringing with all sweet and sour of a past experience.. Its bring us to another level of life..

I still believed life is so sweet eventhough there a obstacle in our life.. I keep all the bad thing inside me all along.. Maybe my heart black cause of this.. Keep it all by myself.. Who wanna listen after all.. If i told her, i just burden her with my thought and my feeling and make her more miserable.. Good Friends or Best Friends?? Hahaha.. Thats make me laugh.. This is what in my mind and how my feeling is.. Sometime, i cant take this problem anymore, but i believed hidup susah dahulu sebelum hidup senang.. I think its unreasonable using that word at the time like this.. But this word keep me walk forward.. That all.. Thanx for reads. You all may comment..