Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bla Bla Bla..

Sunday, August 16, 2009 0
Adehhhh... my feeling so mixed up with jealous n sad n so on.. sighh.. so sad enuff.. u still not telling me about ur true feeling.. wish i can read ur mind n ur heart.. what going on with u.. cant u tell me the truth.. what the meaning of love to u? u so confusing with ur own heart.. i also become so confused.. yesterday u say love, today u say dont know.. are u just playing with my heart then.. atleast say something.. what a weird feeling.. ok.. done with that..

tomolo my frens gets married.. huhu.. i cant go.. sorry bro.. wish i can come.. Congrats to u anyway.. u saying i know that girl.. i wondering whom.. shit.. just tell me bro.. u owez playing something like this to me.. lol.. GOOD LUCK TO U MY FRENS.. Hope u be happy forever..
hahaha.. there u go, i lost my good partner.. huhuhu.. i gonna missed my old day with u bro.. getting drunk, accident, fight n all other stuff we both do before.. i missed my day in kuching, sibu, bintulu n miri with u bro.. whuaaa whuaaa.. but i happy for u bro.. finally u found ur love one.. haha.. best of luck..

whatelse.. my life gettin better lately, seem all thing gets into shape.. only that thing still bugging me coz i still dont know her true feeling.. well, i gonna keep my blog this time.. kinda fun to do after all.. sharing what i been through n what happen to me.. maybe someday, this blog will remind of me how my life going on.. hahaha.. actually, i kinda hate this thing before but somehow, it change my mind.. guess i found how interesting is blogging.. hahaha.. hope found more frens in here while blogging.. ahaks.. ttyl.. see ya..