Monday, March 29, 2010

Here i am..

Monday, March 29, 2010 0
WoW.. its been awhile i didn't signin my blog.. so many things happen.. wish i can say it all..
i will tell when the rite time.. i missed someone once i closed with.. without any news, msg, email and call.. idk where did she go.. but i know and believe she safe.. she mean a lot to me.. i wish she read this blog and send me a msg.. tell the truth, i miss her.. even thou she only in my life just for awhile, she bring some impact to me.. it worth i know her then i didn't know her at all.. she so special to me.. she have a tough heart.. she very different from any girl i meet.. no wonder so many guys fall to her.. i hope she meet someone who really appreciate her and care about her.. i know and im not deserved someone like her.. who me to compare with her.. im not a good and great guy for her.. she deserve someone who better than me.. i dont know abt the readers what u think abt me.. yahh.. i shout out how my feeling.. i cant keep my feeling.. i need to let things out.. such a burden to carry any feeling.. so full inside me.. anyway, rite now i focus finish my studies in Degree.. i cant believe that i went to the university.. ok.. thats all.. anything else, i let u know later.. To someone i know and i miss.. please take care urself.. i hope and pray u owez happy and healthy.. God Bless u always..